Effects on Children

The abuse of a Woman is also the abuse of her children. Children respond in different ways to violence, most will be affected in some way.

They may...

  • Live in constant fear.
  • Have low self esteem.
  • Be sad and depressed.
  • Feel anxious and worried.
  • Withdraw from their friends.
  • Have eating and sleeping problems.
  • Harm themselves.
  • Hurt others.
  • Copy the violent behaviour.

The greatest long term danger is that children accept that violence is acceptable.

Boys might model the behaviours of their violent fathers. As adults they are more likely to be abusive towards their partner.

Girls who see their mothers abused can sometimes model their mothers behaviour, becoming fearful, withdrawn and distrustful.

Girls who have been in abusive families are sometimes more likely to accept victimisation and violence from their partners in adulthood.

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