Partner Abuse

Domestic Violence is caused by the abusers attitudes and behaviors. Abusers make the choice to use violence, coercion and control to get what they want and to assert their power and control over women and children.

Why do men abuse? They choose to, it works and they get away with it.

The tactics abusers use can be varying. It may look like this...

  • Charming in public, abusive in private.
  • His wants are more important.
  • He makes all the rules and decisions.
  • He is rude to visitors, refuses social events.
  • He controls the income.
  • He monitors your whereabouts.
  • He puts you down.
  • He calls you names.

These tactics are what we call power games, mind games, isolation, degradation and over protection.

This is not OK!

Please contact Taupo Women's Refuge for support - 07 377 1055.

24 Hour Crisis Line

07 377 1055

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