To Serve the Taupo community by:

  • Providing a 24 hour, 7 day a week means of escape from domestic violence.
  • Providing support, nourishment, encouragement and advocacy for families and individuals in need of such support.

Awhina Objectives:

  • To reduce the incidence and effects of domestic violence for women and children.
  • To break the poverty cycle and reduce the effects of poverty on families and individuals.
  • To be an effective advocate locally, regionally and nationally for victims of domestic violence; and for families and individuals caught in the poverty cycle.
  • To maintain effective staffing levels and a strong resource base for the work of Awhina.
  • To ensure the financial base of Awhina is extended and secured for long term operational success.
  • To ensure the management, structure and internal administrative systems employed by Awhina are in line with national ‘not for profit organisation’ best practice.

24 Hour Crisis Line

07 377 1055

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