Policies and Procedures

The purpose of all Awhina Society policies is to ensure that all aspects of the Awhina Society are clear and transparent and to use clear language in each policy and also to make policies easily accessible. The Awhina Society accomplishes this by breaking down the processes involved in everything we do. This will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our practice, the reason we do things and also gives room to show our commitment to improving all aspects of running the Awhina Society. It is important to ensure staff involvement in creation of Awhina Society policies. Staff members may review one policy per month or as and when required and the Society Coordinator present the reviewed policy at each Trust Committee meeting for final sign off. In this way all policies are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. It is vital that our policies reflect clear and honest practice, free of abuse in line with the Awhina Society mission statement and objectives.

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